The McGill Radar and Weather Data Archive Page

We keep a variety of weather radar, profiler, and other local observations available for on-line retrieval. Please feel free to browse; first-timers should read the "What's Available" notes below. If you wish to use this data for publication or commercial activities, please check with us first and acknowledge the sources. Current weather radar or profiler images can be viewed more easily from our real-time imagery page. Some images of data collected by our bistatic system can be viewed from our bistatic radar data gallery page.

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What's available

  • Ceilometer
    Data available from 1996/01 to 1999/03.
  • Southern QC composites
    Southern Quebec composite map. Available from 2009/10
  • McGill UHF Profiler
    Reflectivity, doppler and rass images, currently available from April 1996. The image is a daily summary plot. (The time option is ignored for this data).
  • McGill VHF Profiler
    Power, horizontal wind, and vertical wind images, currently available from January 7th, 2003. The images are a two-day summary plot. (The time option is ignored for these data).
  • McGill Weather Radar
    Reflectivity images are available from March 20th, 1997. to March 2004
  • Radiosonde Soundings
    Skew-T plots with wind barbs from Maniwaki (Quebec). Currently available from June 1st, 1996. Times are 00Z and 12Z only.
  • Surface Observations
    Meteogram plots from the follwing stations: Dorval, St-Hubert and Mirabel (Montreal) and Burlington (VT), Currently available from November 1st, 1999.(The plots are daily summaries).
  • Particulate Matter
    Available data from 1997/10 to 1999/10
  • GEM 4 Panel Charts
    GEM model 0h forecasts at 00Z and 12Z. Images available from November 1st, 1999 to December 29th, 2004. The image originates at Environment Canada. (The station option is ignored for this data).
  • Goes-8 Satellite Images
    Visible and infra-red images of the NE area. Currently available from November 1st, 1999.
  • Satellite
    Southern Quebec composite superposed on IR or VIS
  • Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) soundings
    Op40 (NCEP 13km RUC on 40km grid, hourly) soundings. Currently available from May 2010.

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